Lindhurst expresses concern at sharp rise in crime in West Lothian

Lothian MSP Gordon Lindhurst has expressed his concern as new figures highlighted an 8 per cent rise in crimes across West Lothian in the space of a year.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP says the rise shows how the SNP Government are failing to protect communities from the risk of crime.

Crimes such as theft and fraud have risen by 21% in the last year in West Lothian, with fire-raising and vandalism incidents also rising by 4 per cent.

Although violent crimes such as assaults, robbery and assaults have fallen by six per cent in the local authority, there were still over 200 incidents recorded in West Lothian of this nature.

Mr Lindhurst says it is time hard-working officers on the front-line were fully supported by the SNP Government in order to protect the public.

Commenting, Gordon Lindhurst MSP said: “This rise in crime in West Lothian over the last year is extremely concerning.

“It is clear to see that the SNP need to do more to support policing in our communities and provide our hard-working officers on the front line with the resources they need.

“Although it is welcome that violent crimes are down, there were still over 200 offences of this nature in the last year alone.

“Other crimes such as theft and fraud which have a major impact on those affected have risen significantly.

“With crime rising by eight times the average across Scotland, it is clear more direct support is needed from the SNP Government in order to support policing efforts across West Lothian.”


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