About Gordon

Hello. My name is Gordon Lindhurst, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Lothian region. I am a new Member having been elected in the recent Scottish elections on 5th May 2016. 

Let me tell you a little about my background. I have been practising as an advocate throughout Scotland since 1995 and was an elected member of the Faculty Council in Edinburgh from 2013 until very recently. I studied in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Heidelberg and speak German fluently. In my spare time I enjoy a range of activities from playing the organ to cycling to cabinet making. 

Edinburgh has been home to me for many years and I have campaigned for the Conservative party across the Lothian region for two decades, standing in Linlithgow, Livingston, Edinburgh West, Edinburgh Southwest and Edinburgh Pentlands in both UK and Scottish elections. I am therefore well versed in the issues that the people of Lothian care about and I feel truly privileged to be representing such an important region in Scotland in terms of its history, culture and the strength of its economy. 

I am delighted to have been appointed as the Convener of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work committee. Scotland's economy is an attractive one in which to invest, but our Government can do more to ensure that we are keeping up with other parts of the UK. It is the job of my committee to scrutinise what the SNP government is doing to meet this ambition, and holding them to account.

I am also a member of the Social Security Committee and Legal Affairs spokesman for the party. If you have any questions about any of these areas, feel free to contact me. 

During these five years I will be working hard for the people of Lothian. If you have an issue that you think I can help with, my contact details are on this website. I am also holding regular surgeries across the region, information for which is also available on these pages. 

Thank you for visiting my website.